Welcome to Sanatan Hindu Center!

SHC's Mission is to make the world and humanity aware of the riches of the Veda and Sanatan Dharma by sharing Vedic concepts of rituals (Karmakand), Upanishad, Bhagwad geeta, Vedic Music, Vedic Yoga, Vedic Meditation, Vedic Astrology and the Vedic Way of Life, popularly known as Hinduism.

Objectives Fulfillment:
SHC in its limited means and ways stick to this mission of spreading Sanatan Vedic Dharma in USA and worldwide today by:

  1. Friday Bhajans from 8:00 to 10:00 pm at devotees homes.
  2. Broadcasting a radio program, "Voice of Sanatan Hinduism" on 1090 AM and on internet every Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon since 1994 without any commercials and advertisements.  Click here to Listen Live.
  3. Arrange the funeral services of Hindu in local Houston community since 1986 by contracting the lower prices with the Funeral Home.
  4. Participating with all the temples in Houston for celebrations of the festivals. as an example, every year SHC is the part of HGH's Janmaashtami celebration at George R. Brown Center.

Sanatan Hindu Center, Houston, TX